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How to avoid common bodybuilding diet mistakes - Part 2

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 6 - Lack of diet and food variety
If you are constantly eating tuna, chicken breast, rice and baked potatoes, you know what I am talking about! No variety! This will make eventually make you sick of your diet and it most likely result in you cheating, giving up or slacking. Bodybuilding diets can be very demanding, especially with eating six or more meals per day.

You can add a lot of tasty high protein, highly nutritious foods to your diet very easily! Some of these are exotic fruits, different kinds of lean meats like buffalo and ostrich and vegetables that you have never tried before. You can also cook your foods a dozen different ways with a dozen different kinds of spices! Use your imagination and start having fun with your diet.

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 7 - Not drinking enough water

Water is absolutely the most important ingredient for a healthy and long life. Our muscles consist mostly of water and even the smallest sign of dehydration, they will simply not function at their highest capacity possible. As a result, your workouts will suffer and you will lack valuable energy. Always make sure you stay properly hydrated, drinking at least 10 full cups of water a day (depending on your weight always). Water also aids in getting rid of toxins and helps with fat metabolism. Stay well hydrated throughout the day to maximise the effects of your high protein diet. creatine supplementation and gym performance!

Bodybuilding diet mistake  # 8 - Making huge changes all at once
Changing your diet drastically from one day to the next can reek havoc to your system. You will end up gaining body fat and getting very frustrated, even very sick. The key to any changes you want to make is to make them over a period of time so that your body adjusts slowly and you get a feel of how the new changes are working for you. This is especially true for all natural athletes who want to gain muscle naturally.

Without the aid of chemical enhancement, natural athletes cannot assimilate as much protein and calories as other athletes can. Make sure you take your time with either increasing or decreasing calories and/or macronutrients. Your body and your muscles will thank you for it and you will definately get better results in the long run.

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 9 - Not tracking calories every day
This is a simple one. If you do not already have a journal where you are logging in all of your meals, calories and quantities then you are at a huge disadvantage!

Without tracking calories in the most accurate way possible, how can you ever know what changes need to be made? How do you know what you need to add or subtract?

If you do not track calories and macronutrients or at the very least have a ballpark number of what you are consuming, then you are driving at night without your headlights on! This can be a tedious process for the first week but you will get used to it very quickly and it will work for your benefit.

Bodybuilding diet mistake # 10 - Constantly overeating
The lucky ones who have a super fast metabolism can probably get away with eating anything in their sight. For those who are "normal", different rules apply. Overeating can cause fat gain which will cover your hard earned muscles and you will look like a fat slob. If you are trying to gain weight do not fall prey to overeating. You can gain quality muscle simply by eating more of the healthy foods you like and are already including in your daily diet.

Don't forget, if you gain too much body fat which will in turn cover your muscle mass, you will have to work very hard to burn it off, come summer time! Always have balance in your diet and if you see that you are gaining too much body fat too fast, re-evaluate your diet plan and put your body back in lean muscle gaining mode.

Always consult with your doctor before starting any new nutrition or workout program.

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